Newborn baby portrait photographer

Newborn baby portrait photography in Dulwich, London.

When I photograph families with their new addition, it is the relationships and connection that I aim to capture. To me, photography is special because it does more than just tell us how someone looks. It can remind us about how things feel; and take us back to the moments that are captured if we were there. The time of life when a newborn baby arrives is crazy busy…and filled with so many emotions and feelings. Having photographs taken in an unobtrusive and natural way will capture your life in a way that will hold meaning in years to come. I particularly love to photograph siblings as they welcome their new baby sister or brother with excitement and awe, and the beautiful connection between a mother and her newborn. And let us not forget the new baby themselves; returning loving gazes from their siblings and parents, and enjoying all the cuddles, rocking, carrying and jiggling.