Newborn baby & family photographer, London

Newborn Baby & family photographer, London

Newborn photography sessions with me are a mixture of documentary photography and traditional portraits of the baby with the family. Having had three babies of my own, I simply approach newborn sessions by taking the photographs I would have liked to have as a new parent if I could turn back the clock. We treasure the photos we have of this time, but they are all snaps rather than portraits. It wasn't until my first two kids were older (4 and 1) that I realised we needed to commission a photographer to make the images of our family photo I wanted a reality.

I know from my own experience that being a parent of a newborn is a busy time, so I work quickly and don't pose the baby in a way that takes a long time and gets everyone all stressed. I also allow enough time for the baby to be fed and changed whenever it needs it...its a fine balance of being timely and taking things in our stride!

My favourite thing about photographing new babies, is capturing the reaction of all the family, as everyone begins an amazing bonding process that literally lasts a lifetime. Each family member has their own relationship with this little bundle from the minute it joins the family...and to be there to capture these precious relationships as they start to unfold in the very beginning is a real privilege.