A family session in Dulwich…cousins

A family photography session in Dulwich, London

Here are some Q&A’s for those  families who are looking for a photographer who are wondering whether I am a good fit for them

1. What do you focus on as a photographer?

Recording the connection families have with each other is one of my main aims during a session. There won’t be any requests for forced smiles nor any awkward posing.

2. My home is a bit dark. Do you use lights and a flash?

My work is always based on location rather than in a studio. It means we can use all of the beautiful natural light that’s available without the need of studio lights. It also means that there’s often something in the photograph (in addition to the people) that’s special to you, and will grow in significance the more that time passes and life around you and your home changes. My camera has the ability to work in low light, and we won’t need to use a flash as long as there is some natural light coming in from a window.

3. Do you help prepare us for our session, as I feel a bit worried about one or two things, like the mess in our house at weekends!?

I feel as though all of my past clients are now my friends…I really try and capture all of the moments that I think they’ll love, both now and in years to come,  and I also feel very blessed that they have entrusted me into the heart of their family story in order to capture all the love, all the quiet moments as well as the chaos, laughter, mess and fun! Getting to know each family that I photograph is part and parcel of their session, so that we can work well together as a team,  and have lots of fun on the day of the session. If I know that you love to make pancakes every saturday and that your kids love to play twister, we’ll incorporate these things into your session….no two families are the same and so each session is entirely bespoke as well. I can advise you on the best time of day to plan a session, and where the best light in your home is, in order to achieve beautiful portraits of everyone. I’ll also send out a pdf guide to help you to prepare for your session.

4. How much does a session like this cost?

Investing in images is just that- an investment. Don’t just pick a photographer based on their prices- pick the one who’s work you like the most, even if you have to save a little for the images. I did this 10 years ago so that we could have pictures of the whole family, including me, at the beach in Norfolk, and I often think about what a great investment they were when I pass them on the walls in my house. My pricing is totally transparent with no hidden add ons or surprises at the end. I have a range of packages and products available which are suitable for a range of budgets, from short sessions with a few digital files with prints to longer sessions with all images on a memory stick and some enlarged prints. Contact me for a digital information pack for more details.