Day in the life

I offer day in the life photo journalistic in home sessions as well as portrait sessions which are more directed. These no fuss 4 hour sessions are a great opportunity for you to create a visual record of your life as it is now, with all of you in the frame. It works for any family as long as there are two or more of you. We will record all the routines and activities that you normally do in your daily life. There's no direction and no posing, making it possible for you to carry on as normal, knowing that in future years you'll be able to remind yourself exactly what life feels like now. In my family we have a gifted movie maker among us, who has been making short films of us when he visits over the years...I never notice him doing the filming as we get so used to his camera and family life is so chaotic, but when we receive a film as a surprise a few years later its always so amazing! I honestly think they're the best presents I've ever got for Christmas. I can't tell you how much these little records of our everyday family life mean to us....sometimes we can barely remember doing the things we're doing in the film, in homes that we moved from long ago, so its so amazing to be able to revisit these times again.

My photo journalistic approach to these special sessions have a strong storytelling narrative thread running through them, which means they look great all together in a softcover coffee table book- all the family will love flicking through these magazine style books that are meant to be handled, not put away in a box like an heirloom. The final selection of images that I present to you as digital files are edited down carefully so that everyimage is a work of art- you can print your favourites to either to hold in your hands or blow up for the wall. So if you think making a visual record like this might be a poignant reminder for all the blessings in your life, both now and in the future, then send me a mail and we can make a plan.