Motherhood session with Bethie Hungerford at home with her kids in London

I loved our first ‘motherhood portrait session’, at home with the lovely Bethie Hungerford and her gorgeous kids. I’ve teamed up with talented make up artist Louise Heywood, to offer mums a chance to have some timeless, natural portraits taken with just their kids at home. Louise will work her magic before we start shooting so that you look and feel amazing! We are offering 10% off if you book before the end of July !

For more information about motherhood sessions, including products such as prints, digital files and price look here

Vintage kids fashion shoot at Mrs Benn shop, London

This selection is from a vintage kids editorial shoot at the wonderful Mrs Benn shop in East Dulwich, London. I adore vintage clothes, and have collected kids vintage clothes for many years. If you’re interested in sustainable fashion, then you’ll love Mrs Benn, with its clothes rails heaving with beautiful vintage kids clothes. I also find it so comforting to be surrounded by 1970’s toys and furniture, as they transport me back to my childhood. There are some things from my 70’s childhood that are better left forgotten ( strict teachers and revolting school dinners anyone?) but I’ll always love the clothes and toys we had!

Red bonnets for winter

Like many children's photographers these days, I started off with an etsy shop, selling vintage styled kids clothes. I needed to take pictures for the online shop, sparking a renewed passion for photography I'd forgotten about since my school days. Pop over to Mrs Benn's shop to find my bonnets, which are displayed among an array of beautiful vintage clothes and toys. 

As seen in my portfolio on the Vogue Italia website.

childrens photographer London

Family and child photographer

This family portrait session gives you a taste for how a session with me runs, the kinds of images you'll have to frame and store in albums, and also gives you a sense of my vision and style both in regards to how I shoot and how I process images. Get in touch if you'd like to talk about having a portrait session in your own home and garden. No two family portrait sessions are the same; they are a true and unique reflection of you as a family, which is why I love doing  them so much. You just don't get that honest sense of who you really are in studio photographs…your home is the perfect setting to make photographs that hold real memories. 

Encore;The New Artisans is published by T&H

It was really exciting to get some of my photographs published in this lovely Thames and Hudson book, The New Artisans. I took several portraits of artist Sally Nencini at work, in her Peckham studio. Sally upholsters furniture and also designs and makes knitted pieces for the home.

Portrait photographer London

Portrait photographer London