On a recent trip up north to Derbyshire to visit my family, we stayed in a small converted barn recently and lovingly restored by our friends. Our eldest had to remain at home in order to revise for her exams, but I think she rather enjoyed the peace and the occasional gathering too! Edale, where we were based, is set in the Peak District; famous for being one of the most spectacular spots in Britain to go walking. My husband suggested a leisurely stroll around the hills...5 hours later we returned home having climbed (in a most unladylike fashion) to the top of Kinder Scout. Locals looked quizically at our trainers and the strange route we had chosen for the final climb on all fours up the mountain.

If you would like to stay at the lovely barn we stayed in yourself, take a peak here for more details. There's lots more to do in the local area as you will discover on the barn's website. We did swim at the fabulous heated Lido at Hathersage which is surrounded by hills and is a great example of 1950's design, but I have yet to publish a photo of the pool on instagram (after getting into a long discussion with an outspoken local lady about iphones and social media destroying the way in which we relate to one another whilst trying to do so) but that's another story!